Yamaha R-125: since 2009 Yamaha and Malossi run together

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It’s since 2008 that Malossi, Yamaha and Race Service Malossi work together in arranging Yamaha R-125 Cup, a single brand race completely committed to little 4-stroke engines of Yamaha.

The combination between Yamaha colours and Malossi’s ones give life to a unique partnership in motorsport panorama with the sport and agonistic promotion as common denominator.

The first edition of Yamaha R-125 Cup was carried out in 2009 and, since then, the race was inserted in the list of Malossi CupsMalossi arranges the event’s organization and is also the main technical partner providing a well equipped kit for the race which is updated as seasons pass.

Components supplied by Malossi for the race are the following : the engine, which is now of 180 cc, thanks to the use of a Malossi cylinder and a piston ; the head, which is provided by a PowerCam Malossi camshaft ; the complete exhaust pipe, the additional control unit and the RS24 posterior dampening. The unmistakable overalls, with the official colours of the company, completes this set.

Since its first edition, Yamaha R-125 Cup has been attended by very young drivers with great agonistic ambitions, who have often given rise to attendances and victories in Italian and European SuperSport categories. Some of these drivers have taken up a parallel career of driving instructors of Ag Motorsport Italia, owned by Alessandra Gambardella and Moreno Antonioli. This company works for the race for two years and these drivers give a theoretical training to young driver of R-125.

Among drivers just started from Yamaha R-125 Cup, we remember Rebecca Bianchi, a sportswoman who has continued her career driving bigger cc motorcycles. She attended the first edition of R-125 Cup. During that edition a so notable number of women was present as to give life to a female rank.

The next stage of this so expected race is planned for 11 and 12 July on the extraordinary Racetrack Piero Taruffi di Vallelunga, a circuit which also received the Superbike World Cup and which Malossi exclusively fills with its cups and R-125 Cup for a whole week end.

Follow us streaming live, on the Youtube official channel Malossi Official or on the website www.trofeimalossi.com

You will see some wonderful things, also because 2015 has started with record of subscriptions : no fewer than 25 drivers !

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