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Malossi makes its products for 85 years. Thanks to its dedication, its young and well experienced team, its innovative IT systems and its firm trust in high quality, Malossi has become a leading company.

There is another essential element that has brought our company to success : it’s YOU, that still choose our items over the years. Whatever your passion is (Malossi manufactures components for more than 1084 prototypes), whatever need your vehicle has (from races to road transport), your choice has ensured that Malossi brand becomes the equivalent of Made in Italy quality in the world.

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Today, let’s meet people of Team Estense, a group that was created in the beginning of 2013 by the idea of five friends associated by their passion for motors. Once they knew the existence of Monferraglia “world” (a carefree event only allowed to the owners of single-speed 50 cc. moped motorcycles), Fabio, Emil, Damiano, Simone and Francesco decided to make their “passion” official. In the beginning of 2015 Alessandro, the sixth member was included in the team.

The team is now complete and multi-colored.
Fabio was born in 1982. He is called the magician of lathe and cutter because many technical solutions and structural changes could have not been possible without him.
Emil was born in 1981. He is the aesthete of the group. He is an artist in varnishing and “decorating” vehicles.
Damiano was born in 1983. He is the off-road pilot of the group. Thanks to his experience in mountain bike races, he does not worry about any competition on the paths.
Simone was born in 1982. He is the pilot who does not worry about anything. He is rewarded to have never quitted any competition: once, he drove more than 25 kms upright on pedals as he had completely lost the posterior part of his motorcycle Piaggio Ciao.
Alessandro is the new entry and is the engineer of the group in the true sense of the word: he has unlimited technical knowledges and he is a bible as regards motors.
Francesco was born in 1984. He is a technician and the preparer of the group. Each motor he touches can not but go strong. He is also a very good pilot on the road, thanks to his experience on mini motorcycles.

The team has told us about its attendance to the fifth edition of TEN last april. TEN is an endurance race lasting 10 hours. They attended it on a Piaggio Boxer Malossi motorcycle. Fabio, Damiano, Simone and Francesco took turns in driving the motorcycle in the Cross Park of Torre di Picenardi (Cr). Emil was the mechanic. Alessandro was not present but he had looked after the “creation” of the motor ( assembly of carters, opening of racking, registration).

The motor turned well from the departure. Damiano tells us: “In spite of the insidious ground (…) the setup was exactly right. Few motors were before us, the fastest ones. We were overtaken only by the chain drive motorcycles. They could take the liberty to not slow down on bumps and jump”. After six hours from the departure, the Piaggio Boxer Malossi motorcycle was in sixth position (on 65 teams!!!).

After a forced stop of 35 minutes – because of the break of the heat group and its fixing up which caused the slip of the team to the 22nd position – we left again “with our will of recovery which was a real venture to realize in two hours and half”. In the end, the Team Estense finished the race with a very hard-earned twelfth position which allowed it to be rewarded.

The Team has attended many shows like this and it has programmed other ones to be made during this summer and next season. The closest dates are: the second Epic Rise (a uphill race in cross park) at Malpensa (Va) next 12 July, and the 14th edition of Nait: a route by night of 50 kms on the Romagna hills, next 18 and 19 July.

Furthermore these boys are accomplishing a Facebook page that will be ready within some days. You will find there all dates of races and all pictures relative to their adventures.

On the other hand, on our Facebook page, you will find all pictures relative to Ten race that we have received from the Team Estense.

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