Malossi - Brief history

Our history

THE ‘30S

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome”
If there is a quote that is quite a good description of Mr. Armando Malossi, founder in 1930 of the “Cycles and Moto Malossi”, is the one by Booker Washington.

Armando starts his business in a very poor Bologna, in a country weakened by the war of African war first and by the Second World War then. Although only a few bicycles circulated – because all the motor vehicles had been requisite for war use – the family business grew up and moved outside Bologna, to escape the bombing.

Anni 40 - Ugo Malossi

THE ‘40S

The post-war period gave the company a new impetus. Mr. Armando began to take care of bicycles auxiliary motorcycles as well as moto repair and restoration.

Mr. Ugo Malossi, the eldest son of Armando, joins his father in his activity. Animated by a unique passion for motorcycles – Ugo begins the integral moto construction starting from the 75 cc light bike frame.

THE ‘50S

Ugo put pressure on his father Armando for the purchase of Mar, which is a historic assistance company for Dell’Orto carburetors. He also introduced a two and four-stroke engine design division for mopeds, light bikes and scooters. Ugo could start to dedicate himself to what he loves most: this activity will lead him to success.

THE ‘60S

The country grows and habits change. The car becomes the entire nation “object of desire”. These are the years of the economic boom.

Ugo saw the possibility of intercepting this market and started the production of car, racing car and industrial use carburetors.

He never abandoned the old passion for motorcycles. In 1960 Ugo and Sergio Bassi, a friend and historic collaborator, prepare a Ducati motorcycle for Mr. Cova (a famous motorbike pilot), who finished second in the prestigious Bologna – San Luca race.

In 1969 Sandro, Ugo younger brother, joined the company as sales and IT network manager. It would be the beginning of a very happy association, which still lasts today.


THE ‘70S

Business was excellent, orders came from all over the world: there was a need to expand, to hire new staff, to grow new sectors and new professional skills.

The company moved to Calderara di Reno, leaving only an operational headquarters in the Bologna city center.

It was also time for recognition! In 1977 Malossi participated at EICMA – the most prestigious fair in the automotive sector – with its own stand.

The real turning point of the company was about to arrive.

Muffler, cylinder, head and piston: the first Malossi transformation kit for Yamaha TY 50 cc enduro was born in 1978.

The kit’s success was fulminating: 9,000 units sold in the first year! It would be only the first one of a very long series of conversion kits for many manufacturers and engines.


THE ‘80S

The realization of the first MBK and Peugeot automatic mopeds kits led Malossi to face the racing world. These scooters were, actually, the protagonists of very popular single-brand trophies, especially in France.

The racing division was born under the guidance of Sandro: Trofei Malossi were disputed not only in Italy but also in Greece, England, Spain, France and Germany.

The production was further enriched with Vespa 50 PX and T3 kits: Italy became the company’s first reference market.

Andrea, the eldest son of Ugo, joined the company as a test driver and quality control test manager at a very young age. For him too, the engines are a “burning” passion!

In 1988 Alessandra, second-born of Ugo, joined the company and became responsible for the product marketing.

Her enthusiasm and her feminine touch made the products, technically perfect already, even better in terms of packaging and after-sales assistance.

THE ‘90S

A dream came true: the 50cc MVR moped “the Malossi” was born, entirely on-farm designed and built. The business expanded the number of motor homes to work with. The company opened up further to the world.

THE 2000S

The last (for now!) move: the company relocated to its current factory in Calderara di Reno. 12,000 square meters of state-of-the-art plant, large enough to hold the production robotic islands, the huge warehouse, test rooms and laboratories which are necessary to confirm Malossi as a world reference point for two-wheeled components.

2017: we celebrated 60 years of activity.

Only Mr. Ugo and Malossi family’s authentic passion allowed us to achieve such an important result.

At the beginning it was an hard road to go, but then, thanks to the passion of all the people who shared Mr. Ugo’s dream along the way, the project became exciting, it grew swirlingly and it had worldwide success.

For Mr. Ugo and for all employees it is already time to look to the future.

Research, innovation, open up new markets: these are the keywords to start building the future success of this company with a great past.