The company’s strength lies in the choice to internally design all our components. It’s the only way, in our opinion, to generate innovation, to look for new technical and technological solutions on every component we are dedicated to.

We start from the component ideation in all its parts, from the product engineering.

Our CAD and rendering department produces the 3D models: they are indispensable for the prototypes development, and for the subsequent large-scale processing steps.

Innovation has always been a Malossi buzzword. And it could not be otherwise: for more than 60 years, the company built its competitiveness on the national and international market by offering original, reliable, durable and unique solutions.

Our “experience and quality control” division follows the product at every stage, from conception to production on a large scale by performing continuous dimensional and materials quality checks.


Good ideas are not enough … they have to turn into solid and efficient products. This is why we use technologically advanced robotic islands for the components production, combined with the experience gained by our workers over a decade.

Efficiency also means ensuring that our products arrive as soon as possible in every remote corner of the world. A well stocked, highly automated warehouse and a widespread distribution network allow us to bring products into our costumer’s hands in record time.