Craftsmen 4.0

Innovation has always been the watchword for the creation and development of our products.

Where we started

Let’s take a step back to 1980: a small company in the Bologna area faces the world of industry. At the time, the processes were mainly manual and the machines were few. As market demand increased, so did the need to transmit human know-how to a machine capable of streamlining, simplifying and speeding up repetitive processes and at the same time giving added value to the person.

Innovate to improve your skills

A process of continuous growth and constant investment to automate processes, while at the same time improving the quality of the product, without losing the attention to detail that is the result of the artisan imprint that we have never abandoned. So here we are in the 90s: for us they are the symbol of industrial rebirth, thanks to the arrival of the first robot in the company and at the same time to the motoring revolution, which is reincarnated not only in the product, but also in the man-machine alliance from which derives. Quality and innovation that go hand in hand.

Passion, technology and innovation: where we are today

Responsive and pro-active, without forgetting the quality of the components and the added value of the employees. A philosophy that accompanies us until the arrival of the 4.0 company in the last decade, with the advent of robotic islands that automate the selection, production and distribution processes. A 4.0 that allows us to perform complex work cycles, while maintaining the quality that has always distinguished us. In a continuous technological run-up, our 4.0 company concept continues to find its place in the manual processes that give each individual product a unique imprint. Our company 4.0 is today, but it is also the past. Always thirsty for technology and at the same time for love for detail.

A symbol of innovation

The insertion of these state-of-the-art machinery allows you to perform a sequence of operations in a single work island and consequently optimize production times, while maintaining the operational quality that has always distinguished us. Furthermore, the continuous demand for the product and the new impulses of the market have pushed us to innovate not only the production department, but also the shipping warehouse to which not only the b2b but also the b2c of the online store refers.