Mauro Sanchini interview: three days full of emotions at Malossi Day

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Mauro Sanchini, Superbike champion and today MotoGp sportscaster on Skysport, started his career in the Malossi scooter category.

We have met him, prior to Malossi Day, in order to talk with him about his career and about his strong bond with Malossi. He will be the official voice of this event

Hello Mauro, considering you come from the scooter world, have you any advice for new pilots who are training themselves to race the Malossi Day?
The scooter race represents one of the way leading to other more important championships both on National and International levels. For me, it has been the entry to the Super Bike championship and to the world of sportscasters. My advice is to do it as best as you can with competence, passion and dedication. All what you learn while racing on scooters will incur for all your sports career: for example to manage a competition with other racers, to settle a motor. These are all things on the base of a racer’s career and that will be held back. It is necessary to be competent and, at the same time, to always maintain a high level but also to have fun: this sport has the chance to be very funny and to be much less dangerous than moto races; thus let’s think about know-how but also having fun without any big risk.

Your partnership with Malossi is very old. How it is important for you and what does it represent?
Malossi represents a very important part of me both for what I have done and for what I am doing now: it has supported me in the past and it still supports me today. This year we are celebrating 20 years of our partnership. I won a trophy with Malossi, for the first time, in 1995. Malossi represents for me a support that always come with me: this brand has sponsored me also during my Moto races. Nowadays, I come under Malossi family… to put it simply, Malossi is one of my uncle.

You are living a changing moment: from racer to MOTO GP commentator, how do you live this change?
This phase represents the natural continuation of what I did before. It is clearly about a different excitement: when you are on the race, emotions are different. Anyway this new job gives me other kind of emotions: first of all, the chance of remaining in contact with this sport I have always played and which I like very much, and its racers. To commentate races represents a big passion for me. When I was a child, I rode my scooter and I commented my tours by myself: can you imagine? I made the record of myself! Another aspect I like, is that thanks to my passion, I have the chance to observe some technical features which are not seen by anybody else and to commentate them. For example, I have introduced in this sport a new thing: the technical examination with a slo-mo. People like it very much and it’s an entertainment for me to make it. Then, sometimes I find myself talking with Valentino Rossi or other racers about some things they have neither noticed… this is very funny and exciting.

You will be the official voice of Malossi Day, what have we to expect from this three-day event on Adria racetrack?
Adria event represents for me a moment of amusement and pastime because I will have the chance to ride again a scooter and to stay in the environment I was born professionally. I attend this event since three year and it is always a great merrymaking for me. I ride my last race in Adria in 2003. In that occasion, I awarded the ISC – International Scooter Cup. The most beautiful thing is that attendants are always happy when I am there. A young racer is out of his mind when he knows his races will be commented by the MotoGp sportscaster! Adria represents a very beautiful celebration for me: I see again many old friends of mine, I see again the Malossi family and I stay with them for two days, I see racers who remember me when I was in their place. There will be for sure three days full of emotions and merrymakings both in the racetrack and in paddocks.

Thanks a lot Mauro, let’s see on the Malossi Day!