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2-3-4 October 2014
International Raceway – Adria (RO)

All is ready for the annual Malossi day : the most important world scooter kermesse as well as the last chapter, the final, of Malossi Cup of this season!

Like every year, program of Adria’s three-day event is really full of appointments : everything will start next Friday evening with a gala dinner dedicated to racers and to teams who have competed for all the year on Malossi Cups’ race tracks. From Saturday, the competition is really getting going with qualifications and first races. Finally, Sunday will be the decisive day for the awarding of National and ,above all, International Cups which are challenged among racers coming from tens of different nations.

Nowadays, Malossi Cups confirm themselves as the absolute reference point on International level in the sector of scooter’s competitions. Foreign participations are countless , subscriptions increase year after year, prestigious racetracks, online streaming transmitted races and thousands kilometers driven by racers in one week end just for love of competition! Everything waiting for Malossi Day, the week end in which racers will give 100% in order to impose themselves among the world small wheels top riders and top teams.

Categories are also countless, starting from the historic and very hard National Cup Speed on Scooters and from ScooterMatic Extreme and Regions Cups, then we can list the Malossi Day Cup, which is competed in team, and the four-times categories TMax Cup and the SuperScooter 4 Stroke Cup. Finally, a big space is also left to the debuting ScooterMatic Replica Cup, addressed to racers approaching for the first time to Malossi Cup and to Yamaha R-125 Cup, a category which is promoted by YAMAHA and AG Motorsport Italia.

But most of attention is paid for the fifth edition of World Malossi Day Cup: the real world race for scooters!
All over the world, hundreds of different racers compete on several racetracks on different scooters. We have invited the best ones in competing in Italy during the Malossi Day in order to award the World Malossi Day Cup’s world champion. During the last editions, racers coming from tens of different nations and from three continents ( Europe, Asia and Africa). They have had the chance to compete on equal terms in order to award to one of them the qualification that has remained once again in Italy, in the hands of Alessandro Berardi from Rimini.

All competitions of Adria will be visible online streaming and will be commented by the great Mauro Sanchini, ex Malossi and World SuperBike racer and now a famous commentator of the Moto Gp on Sky.

In Malossi Day, entrance for spectators on Adria racetrack is precisely FREE.
Therefore, you all are invited : NOT IT’S TIME TO RACE!!

For all information and pictures about the last edition, please, visit the Web site completely dedicated to Malossi Day.
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