The scooters of the flying propeller brand according to Malossi – the new kit for the BMW maxiscooter

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Malossi is glad to present its kit dedicated to the new BMW maxi scooter line. The technical department resorted to all its competence in order to obtain the best possible performance out of both the aggressive C 600 Sport and the touring C 650 GT .

Attention was focused primarily on transmission, where the new specific Multivar 2000 MHR plays the main role. Variator is responsible for the automatic shifting of the scooter, therefore it is really important to find a set-up able to improve the engine range of use as well as its working consistency. Our new Multivar 2000 MHR for C 600 and C 650 GT keeps the engine within the ideal rpm range throughout the whole power output, thus increasing acceleration and top speed. Sliding rails have been modified by Malossi in order to achieve the best consistency in shifting, also achieved thanks to the narrow tolerance between hub and bushing, with a surface roughness reduced to minimum. Diamond-finished surfaces and anodized internal parts show the meticulous care that Malossi dedicates to the finishes of its products: besides the refined look, these treatments provide a much higher consistency and hardness, which ensure outstanding and constant performance.

Malossi Multivar is equipped with two innovative monolithic roll sets, which allow to customize the shifting curve and the overall efficiency of the CVT group. The final touch is given by the white variator adjuster spring , which is specific for a transmission equipped with Multivar MHR 2000 .

The new Maxi Wild Lion exhaust system features great attention to performance, emissions and design; it was custom-designed to enhance the performance of BMW C600 Sport. The exhaust is homologated: it is equipped with removable db killer and does not require the elimination of the lambda sensor. For a racing use you’ll also find exhaust manifolds , supplied separately.

On the top of the brushed stainless steel exhaust tube there is a carbon end cap, highly recognizable because of its typical Malossi exhaust style. Nevertheless, design and “sound” are not everything; thanks to the complete exhaust system the vehicle achieves up to 3,2 hp more and 0,2 kgm of torque.

The braking system has been adjusted by adopting Whoop Discs both front and rear. The “wave” design, with joints forming a stylized “M”, allows to shave the MHR Synt Brake Pads dedicated to the Bavarian scooter, thus removing debris generated while braking and completely draining water when driving in wet weather.

The carburettor kit is equipped with W Box Filter , a high performance filter in washable cotton, which is able to increase significantly the flow of incoming clean air.

Malossi knows that aerodynamics must be taken into account as well, and that’s why it offers two specific wind screens. MHR Screen , which is smoked for an aggressive look, is for sporty users, while Sport Screen is transparent and dedicated to road users looking for a more sober aesthetic customization.

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