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Malossi Worldwide (MalossiWW) section, dedicated to Malossi in the world, comes back: in fact, our made in Italy quality is a guarantee which is present in more than 50 Countries worldwide stores.


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Today, for example, we bring you in Far East to make you know one of our Chinese resellers: Mr. Wang Dai Ji, owner of Shanghai Cenran.


Mr. Wang has always loved scooters – Piaggio in particular. He has known us through websites and forums dealing with motors and two wheels vehicles. Before working with us, Mr. Wang also dealt with other brands, but he has become one of our sole agents over years.

Mr. Wang’s main characteristic is given by his ability in using Internet: in fact, he has known us by browsing and he is very active on Internet for everything related to his activity. But, besides selling online, Mr. Wang has also a store-workshop in Shanghai metropolis. In fact, Mr. Wang is above all a two wheels vehicles technician!

Below his answers to our questions as regards his collaboration with Malossi brand.

How long time do you work in motors and scooters world? And how long are you Malossi reseller?
 I deal with scooters in general for about twelve years, while I became one of Malossi resellers about three-four years ago, in 2012.

How much are motorcycles and scooters popular in your Countries ? And which are trends?
Here in China, and above all in Shanghai, scooters are quite popular : I think that Yamaha scooters are certainly the most sold ones, even if, in the last years, Piaggio motor-scooters are expanding : and I am a great fan of them.

If I say you “ Malossi” what do you think about?
First words that come to my mind are of course Italy, but also competitions, racing and then a sound : that of a rumbling silencer of a two-stroke engine which is brought up to 14000 rpms!!

What does Malossi brand represent in China?
For us, Malossi is synonymous of high efficiency, great performances and power for all motors mounting this kind of products.

What’s your favorite vehicle ( quad, maxiscooter, 50cc, cross etc.) and why?
I am a great attached and passionate, as you have had the chance to see, of two stroke motors : that be motorcycles or scooters , according to me two stroke is , par excellence, expression of power a vehicle can reach. Sound of motor and its acceleration are the most exciting things. It is incredible to see how just a 50 cc motor, if performed with care and precision, can reach formidable powers.

Which are the best seller products in China?
As a matter of fact a lot. Let’s say that Malossi cylinders are sold in a very good way.

Are there in your Countries races or cups expressly devoted to scooters?
Yes there are, we have several cups and races. The most popular is best known as Tianma Lunjia: we prepare Yamaha 100-125cc scooter, that we raise up to 150 cc-180 cc-220 cc.

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Foto by: Mr. Wang Dai Ji