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Henry tries again. After having travelled more than 10.000 kilometres in two months by his travel Aosta-Cape North on Ape three-wheeler, for his new adventure the 20-year-old man from Valle d’Aosta will remain in Italy traversing it from North to South, islands included.

It will be about two months of travels composed of daily stages between 50 and 200 kilometers according to distances, for a total quantity of 8000 kilometers (“this is what Google Maps says, but I think they will be more”). These kilometers will have to be concluded in two months about. All the trip will be travelled riding his Piaggio Ciao motor-scooter dated 1978. It is his father’s one, revised and improved by our Piaggio Ciao components for the occasion.

When Henry talked us about his dream of putting a Piaggio motor-scooter on the way again, with which he wanted to visit Italy, we have decided to support him again with our technical sponsorship. For his trip – besides accessories and clothes to protect himself again spring caprices – we have provided him with the following technical components:

  • Variat. Multivar Piaggio motorcycles: with which Henry’s Ciao has obtained a higher mechanic “ calmness” in gears, essential thing for his trip.

  • Crankshaft pin Ø 10 Piaggio motorcycles: our angle pipe drive shaft guarantees a high performance and motor’s reliability, a very important feature as Henry’one will have to support a high mileage in a so short time.

  • Piaggio crankcase electronic coil: solid and simple to be mounted, for an excellent output of functionning without any modification, as everything is reconnected like in the original motor.

  • X SPECIAL belt for variator Piaggio CIAO (13×6,5×978 mm 34°): a trapezoidal belt produced by blends which guarantee a very good resistance and traction. It is essential in any case, even more for a complete tour of Italy!

  • Primary gears HTQ (only for vehicles with variator): they are tested and realized with straight/helical teeth to strip down losses caused by frictions and stress on supports. Moreover, our gears optimize ratios allowing you to use all power released by your vehicle and promising a considerable prolongation than in the original condition.

  • Black grips with Malossi logo (mod. with side fastening): applicable on all vehicles.

  • Oil 7.1:

    7.1 2T Oil Sport Engine, a special synthetic based lubricant suitable for all kind of 2T engine types, providing very high performances;

    7.1 Sport Gear Oil, oil with an advanced formulation for gearbox and transmission. It contains EP additives to protect transmission components even when they are subjected to extremely heavy charges.


Henry and his Ciao scooter have travelled for almost 1000 kilometers up today: they left from Aosta and have visited Ivrea, Torino, Asti, AlessandriaGenova. Moreover, Tuscany with Pisa, Lucca and Livorno, where Henry sailed for Sardinia. Once back to mainland, he has arrived to Rome and he descended further down to reach Airola, in province of Benevento, where he attended Gianni De Luca racetrack on 24 April, for the first South Competition of Trofei Malossi.

Besides enjoying the show, Henry also distributed our stickers and the very new t-shirt MalossiGas: no one can be spokesperson of new Malossi sponsorship project better than its founder!!


Infact, Henry’s project Aosta-Cape North in Ape three-wheeler has been the very first experience branded MalossiGAS (Great Adventure Series), a sponsorship programme through which our company wants to reward a tour or an enterprise on two/three wheels embodying Malossi DNA’s values such as seriousness, spirit of sacrifice and originality

Follow Henry’s travel on the official page and through our social pages. And remember: you will hear about #MalossiGAS very soon!!
Stay Tuned!