#AOSTACAPONORD in piaggio ape-car: an adventure branded MalossiGAS

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His name is Henry Favre and he is 19 ( 23 for beautiful girls!). He has just finished the high school and he will be the protagonist of this incredible adventure branded MalossiGAS ( Great Adventure Series) in a few days.

What about his challenge? Going from Aosta to North Cape in ape-car!

What does he expect from your adventure? Going more than 10.000 kms through strong emotions on board his three-wheeled vehicle!

When he contacted Malossi to tell his adventure, the project has immediately been embraced with warm enthusiasm. The Malossi motor has turned on to realize Henry’s dream at its best.

His passion for motors and adventures , his innate ambition have lead Henry Favre contacting Malossi asking for a technical sponsorship supporting his trip.

We’ve immediately responded and we will provide 31 litres of Oil 7.1, 8 litres of oil SVX, a travel technical gear and an electronic equipment that will allow Henry in realizing some reportages telling his challenge. We will constantly be in contact with the young boy in order to receive some materials and publish the updates of his travel journal.

Yes, but that’s not the end of the story. Infact, from this experience, MalossiGAS has been created : a sponsorship program by which , starting from next year, the memorable Emilian company will reward one project per year which will be marked by a pinch of insanity and will be able to embody values of Malossi’s DNA such as seriousness, abnegation and originality.

The departure date is established for 26 July. If you want to follow “Henry’s Travel” it will be enough to follow the hashtags #aostacaponord and #malossigas on Malossi’s profiles.

Ready to go?