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For the correct operation of an engine and of all its parts, nothing is more important than the perfect lubrication. This is the reason why Malossi, producer of special ultra-high performance components, has over time, introduced a line of lubricants specially developed to enhance the technical characteristics of its products.


Searching for lubricants available on the market perfect to enhance the technical characteristics of our engines and automatic transmissions, we had quickly recognised the need to formulate a complete line of lubricants specifically for our products, above all for two-stroke engines where the engine oil plays an active role even in the combustion phase.

So 7.1. came into being, a Malossi Group brand, a full range of lubricants developed to complement and keep pace with the technical evolution of the two and four-stroke and engines.

The 7.1 lubricant formulas are unique and the trademark is a true icon in the competition world. All of the range was developed to guarantee durability and performance for racing engines or those of street bikes and scooters, under all types of conditions.

Since today our lubrificants are definitively complete: the new RACING FILTER OIL FULL SYNT, developed to increase the efficiency of the air filters, make the 7.1 lubrificants line able to respond to every scooter’s and motorcylcle’s needs.

Continually evolving, 7.1. is the boost to your performance, the defence shield for your mechanics, it is simply the lifeblood of your engine.


7.1 line includes:

  • 2T OIL: a line of innovative products for 2-stroke engines with high performance, born thanks to our experience in races.
  • 4T OIL: a line of lubrificants specific for the use in modern scooter and motorcycle 4 stroke engines.
  • New Racing Filter Oil Full Synt: syntethic lubrificant for air filters.
  • 7.1 Brake Fluid: brake fluid fully synthetic for scooters and motorcycles.
  • 7.1 VESPA Gear Oil: advanced formula oil expressly formulated for all Vespa gear cases and transmissions, from the most recent to the very first models.
  • Gear Oil: advanced specification gear and transmission oil.
  • 7.1 Grease: a line of high performance grease.


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