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Malossi Worldwide (#MalossiWW) is the social section committed to Malossi in the world: our brand was born in Bologna in 1930 and, thanks to high quality of Made in Italy, it is nowadays present with its partners’ stores in more than 50 Countries worldwide.


In this section, we wish to make you know what generally happens around the world of scooters and vehicles, but even around our trade-mark inside and outside Italy: new stores, new partners, races, cups and teams who take Malossi equipments with our same passion.

Today, we make you know Balaa For Manufacturing And Trading Co Scs from Lebanon, and its technical manager, Mr Souhaib Balaa.

He started working as our reseller very recently – we started working with him last year, further to the great boom in sales of T-Max in Lebanon – but our relationship has suddenly strengthened itself, so as we have already shipped to him the first Rc-One 5716668 Minarelli chain guard, which we have fully equipped for his personal new T-Max 530 2016.

We have asked him some questions about his job and his passion about motors, which coincide in this case (as for many other persons) .
That’s what he has told us.


How long do you work in the world of motors and scooters? And how long are you Malossi reseller? 
I started in 1997 with mini motorcycles. After I passed to racing motorcycles, and I committed to them for more than fifteen years just as a consumer and an enthusiast. It has been a short step from hobby to job, thus I commit myself at my best to world of motorcycles. I started collaborating with Malossi in 2014.  .

How much are motorcycles and scooters popular in your Country? And which are trends?
Scooters and motorcycles in general are very popular and used in Lebanon. For example, the most diffused motorcycles are Yamaha JogR50, Yamaha BW’s, Suzuki Address V125 and Vespa 300. As regards maxi scooters, preferences certainly focus on Yamaha T-Max, Honda Silver Wing 600, Honda Integra 750 and BMW c600.

If we say you “ Malossi”, what does come to you in mind?
First words coming to my mind are surely Italy, power and duration! Italy is a bit motorcycles’ birthplace!

What does Malossi trade-mark represent for you?
During the last two years I really worked hard in order to take Malossi trade-mark at high levels in Lebanon. My strategy is to ensure each store of scooters has (better still if with distributors located all over the Country) at its availability vehicles with Malossi components. In this way, last year I increased very much sales as Malossi reseller. Another thing helping me to make the very Italian Malossi trade-mark be known is that my family has a coffe shop in the centre of the city since a longtime: here, many customers of mine never refuse a Malossi product together with a very good Italian CAPPUCCINO made with my same hands 🙂

What’s your favourite vehicle  (quad, maxiscooter, 50cc, cross etc.) and why?
I personally prefer T-Max 530 2016, in fact I have one of this in mint condition that I have almost finished assembling. In the past, I drove race motorcycles such as Honda CBR TT 2010 and BMW S 1000 RR 2012: T-Max well fits to my driving style, a little bit racing, it makes me feel as the owner of the vehicle. Moreover, I also like it very much aesthetically!

Which are the best sold Malossi products in Lebanon?
All kits for T-Max, CYLINDERS, camshafts, the Force Master 3 control unit, and all components for Yamaha Jog Z, Maxi Delta System, K belt for Honda Silver Wing and all kits and components for pulley and clutch.

Are there in your Country races and cups fully devoted to scooters?
It would be very fine to talk about it, but unfortunately it is quite difficult here to arrange this kind of shows. Let’s just think to the fact that, from 07.00 pm to 06.00 am if you want to drive a motorcycle or a scooter here you must have a special permission issued by authorities

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Foto by: Souhaib Balaa