Complete rear transmission for Piaggio mopeds with variator

The complete clutch kit for mopeds!

The Fly Clutch Kit is interchangeable with the
original transmission and improves its
performance and durability thanks to materials of
high quality and reinforcing it wherever

The Kit consists of:
1. Fixed Pulley
2. Torque Driver
3. Yellow variator contrast spring
4. Fly Clutch weights
5. Fixed hub assembled

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The revolutionized clutch group

Fixed Pulley


This fixed pulley is 15 ° with a diameter of 102 mm is nitrided with hardened gas to induce excellent durability, has a positive double “d” mounting on the hub and is fixed with an M24 galvanized nut.


Torque Driver


It consists of a 15 ° pulley with 102 mm diameter, TIG welded to a specially designed hub with pressed EKU bushing. EKU is a dry self-lubricating material that guarantees excellent sliding behavior and minimal wear. Also adaptable to the original Piaggio system


Variator contrast spring

These heat treated high carbon silicon alloy steel springs are dynamically balanced, oven painted and designed and calculated for each specific application.

Fly Clutch


Fly Clutch consists of three new clutch masses that use the Fly Malossi system. Designed with a specific mass, it is coupled to Malossi springs, to operate at a predefined optimal RPM attachment point. Once assembled to the hub group, the masses are fixed in place with a reinforced ring that provides rigidity to the entire group.


Fixed hub assembled

This is the main structural component of the clutch. Its multifunctional elements are: a mass holder for
the clutch masses, a chrome hub where the movable pulley works and a clutch bell that allows the kickstarter to engage and lock. The whole is TIG welded with the tightest tolerances to ensure perfect alignment. The articulation pins of the masses have been increased by a diameter of 6.5 mm and specially designed to be riveted and maintain alignment. A primary gear shaft rotates inside the unit, supported by two 13x19x12 needle bearings, providing greater rigidity. Two oil seals ensure a sealed environment for our Malossi lubrication.