Malossi - Short history


Anni 30  Armando Malossi

THE ‘30S

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome”

If there is a quote that is quite a good description of Mr. Armando Malossi, founder in 1930 of the “Cycles and Moto Malossi“, is the one by Booker Washington.

Armando starts his business in a very poor Bologna, in a country weakened by the war of African war first and by the Second World War then. Although only a few bicycles circulated – because all the motor vehicles had been requisite for war use – the family business grew up and moved outside Bologna, to escape the bombing.

Anni 40 - Ugo Malossi

THE ‘40S

The post-war period gave the company a new impetus. Mr. Armando began to take care of bicycles auxiliary motorcycles as well as moto repair and restoration.
Mr. Ugo Malossi, the eldest son of Armando, joins his father in his activity. Animated by a unique passion for motorcycles – Ugo begins the integral moto construction starting from the 75 cc light bike frame.

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