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Last 16 and 17 July, on Vallelunga racetrack, one of the most beautiful racetracks in the world, the long-awaited competitions of Trofei Malossi’s first National Finish took part.


The Capitoline kermesse predates the usual summer break and by all means disappoints expectations: in all categories there have been  records of subscriptions and great show by “everybody against everyone”, and by listing confirmations and surprises.

Actually, races of Malossi Cups have summer break: racers and teams could take a little vacation considering that on 4 September they will have to be ready in getting back on the track for test day on three different racetracks (Modena, Airola and Favara) waiting for the most important stage expected for competitions of end September: World Malossi Day which will be carried out next 25 September at Adria International Raceway and which will match Malossi Cups categories’ finishes.

Waiting for the climax date on the Venetian racetrack, let’s make a point of this 29th edition of Malossi Cups with Riccardo Malossi, manager of Malossi Cups’ organization.


Riccardo, which are news mostly influencing competitions of this year? And, according to you, what has mostly characterized 2016 Malossi Cups’ races
R: 2016 has suddenly started with many news on the technical level. Malossi Cup Scooter Velocità has totally shed its skin, has increased engine size to 100 cc thanks to a completely new and completely Malossi made motor. In this way, and by increasing so much engine size and power, all previous records have literally been blown into pieces.

Even TMax Cup has faced several technical upgrades. These upgrades have mainly interested intake sector, by using new throttle bodies and new Malossi filter. What to say, other records to be rewritten!

Moreover, this year we have also increased our live recordings, by broadcasting also on Facebook, besides Youtube, with tens of thousands of users following our races. Up to now, these races have always been characterized by a very high level of showmanship and a technical balance.

On the contrary, according to you which have been Malossi Cups points of reference confirmed also in competitions of this year?
Core of our races have always been Teams and racers, around whom we stitch customized Malossi Cups. Local and national races, tournaments and finishes, two stroke and four stroke and all engine capacities. Great offer, technical support and a very fruitful cooperation among teams, racers and organization. These are all distinguishing marks allowing Malossi Cups to celebrate thirty years of continuous activity.

What about a small technical summary on 2016 Malossi Cups season up to now?
ScooterMatic Cup is for sure the most populous one. This year, there are 62 members on the asset side, whose 35 racers arrived to the first Finish, while global number of racers has reached 110 subscriptions also this year ( not considering all several italian and foreign wild cards). That’s an amazing number for a single branding competition. Records of tracks have been rewritten in the 90% of competitions and we take pride by marking that mechanical problems have been reduced at percentages before zero thanks to the gradual and more and more widespread adoption of last generation components. There are two key factors on which Malossi Cups are based and thanks to which such results are obtained : technical trainers and Malossi technical supports, free and available to everybody. Teams private mechanics’ preparation and very high level  have allowed to use global know-how of our company in order to create incredibile races we have seen this year.

Which are next not to be missed meetings of 2016 season?
Well, season is reaching its climax after the first National Finish at Vallelunga. On that occasion, ScooterMatic Cup grid broke all previous records and marked 35 racers on the start, not counting all  drivers engaged in all other Malossi Cups. Next 4 September we will be engaged in a triple text day on three different tracks – Modena, Airola and Favara- in order to take stock of the season in view of the event of the year, World Malossi Day.

On that occasion, racers and teams from all over the world will arrive to dispute the International entitlement, but I have to say with a hint of pride that Cup stay in Italy since many years. Entry is free and if you can not come, follow us in streaming on Facebook and Youtube!


Then, we will wait you next 25 September at Adria racetrack for World Malossi Day: NOW IT’S TIME TO RACE!!

Do you want to start racing ? Do you want to take part to next season of Trofei Malossi as protagonist but you don’t know how to do? You can find here the answer: in five simple stages you can discover how to crown your biggest passion and become a racer! We are waiting for you 🙂