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Show concerning a really extraordinary 2016 season of Trofei Malossi goes on!


After stages of Acireale (1st Sicily race), of Varano (1st National and north race) and of Airola (1st south race), second round of Trofei Malossi starts from National and North turn which was competed last weekend on Tazio Nuvolari racetrack at Cervesina (Pv).

Even this time, “show” has been the word. There have been six categories on racetrack – for a total of twelve competitions, most of which have been decided on the final sprint-  which have been bated breath for racers and supporters, from start to finish.


Trofeo Nazionale Scooter Velocità

Trofeo Nazionale Scooter Velocità, which has been competed for the second time on Lombard racetrack, has seen Mauro Montagna scoring a suffered as well as extraordinary double-clutch bending his rivals in both competitions at the end of a long struggle distinguished by outdistances at the limit and countless overtaking.

Now it is quite obvious that by increasing cubic capacity up to 100 cc in this category – for the first time in the history of Trofei Malossi and thanks to MHR C-One complete engine crankcase  (for Yamaha motors) – has further increased agonistic level of Trofei Malossi.


TMax Cup

As regards TMax Cup, a diamond point category of Trofei Malossi, at Cervesina Gianluca Ravicavoli has imposed his position in Open category from start to finish in two competitions where he has left in pole position. On the podium, Giordano Risi and Filippo Pistola have got together with the Sicilian, while Dario Barzaghi and Alberto Consoli have both been penalized because of some slips. As regards Stock category, Cesare Fusto has won a double-clutch.

Rapicavoli had already asserted himself as category leader in the Open class during the first test of TMax Cup at Varano in the close of the day, last 17 April. The second place was occupied by Dario Barzaghi, vice champion of Open category, while the third place was of the ex scooter champion Alberto Consoli, at the debut on Yamaha bi-cylindrical vehicle.


The other categories

On the contrary, competitions of North round have awarded Christian Galbiati as regards ScooterMatic, Carmine Naposano as regards ScooterMatic Replice and Daniele DI Bona as regardsReplica.

Other categories have also been hard-fought at Cervesina: Mendogho has confirmed his competitiveness in the 4Stroke one, and he has won the first trophy in this season destined to give him great satisfactions.


The upcoming races
Trofei Malossi will come back on the track next week : appointment is fixed for 15 May at Racalmuto racetrack as second round of Sicily Turn. The first test of Sicily Turn was performed last 10 April on Santa Venera racetrack of Acireale, where a considerable quantity of racers coming from ScooterMatic and ScooterMatic Replica have produced competitions of very high agonistic level.

ScooterMatic A has been won by the Malossi International champion Francesco Bonomo, while Fabio Cascella has won ScooterMatic B. As for ScooterMatic Replica Salvatore Pantaleo, as well as Emanuele Peralta winning competition 1, have won.


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