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In order to start racing for Trofei Malossi, one of the first steps is to choose the most suitable category to your needs and, above all, to your attitudes.


2016 season will set aside lots of news. We of Malossi talk even about a revolution: in fact, in some categories the chance of increasing engine sizes up to 100cc is introduced, giving vent to preparers with a range of new components, among which the new chain guard RC-One or new cylinders Flanged Mount Testa Rossa.

Is that not enough to talk about revolution?!

Therefore, here seven categories of Trofei Malossi among which you can choose, and their main features: by clicking on the corresponding link, you will be directed to the official website of Trofei Malossi, where you will find all useful info (prize money, regulations, tds, etc.) to enter the track with us!!


In order to enhance at most our commitment towards the most sold and successful in the history of automatic double-cylinders vehicle, we have prepared a specific kit, incredibly complete and powerful.
There are two classes in the running for this category: Stock and Open. Modifications admitted are very few in the first category; while in the second one possible interventions are a lot more, among which: installation of 560 engine with forged pistons, cammes shaft and dedicated valves, rear wheel suspension and kit for front fork, a specific additional control unit and the chance of working on the cylinder head in order to exploit at most new Malossi throttle bodies.
COMPETITIONS : they will be SIX in the whole, each one composed of two manches and all to be raced on some of the most spectacular Italian racetracks: Modena, Cervesina, Varano, Binetto, Vallelunga e Adria.
WHY TO CHOOSE IT: TMax Cup is one of Trofei Malossi top classes, it shows our determination in carrying on our sport tradition.



2016 season of Malossi National Cup Speed Scooter will be remembered as a total revolution! For the first time in history of Trofei Malossi, engine size is increased up to 100 cc., power will exceed 30 horses per wheel and the show will be unique!
For the first time, Piaggio and Yamaha-Minarelli scooters will be technically equalized in technical terms, as it is possible to install some components in thermal and transmission sphere,  just thanks to RC-One Malossi chain guards, taking advantages from both worlds.

COMPETITIONS: SIX competitions each one composed of two manches, all in motor track and all transmitted in streaming live record.
WHY TO CHOOSE IT: national category is aimed by all racers, you can there show your really talent comparing it with the best Italian racers’ ones. In order to stay ahead, you need precision, meticolosiness, determination, training and a pinch of luckyness.



Competitions of scooter are nowadays an International reality. For this reason, we have decided to race a real scooter world championship in only one trial!
it is programmed to be performed during Malossi Day week end (September 2016). The best racers from almost all continents will reach Adria International Raceway to take a challenge in front of video cameras transmitting the streaming live recording. Everybody will be on equal terms with the fastest 70cc vehicles.

? COMPETITIONS: only one seasonal appointment and two manches to play everything!
? WHY TO CHOOSE : this is the classic example where you must reach competition sure of your equipment in order to compete with the world best racers!



ScooterMatic Cup is the only world competition where there is the chance of racing both locally and nationally : it is divided into three macro-areas, it compares at a distance North, South and Sicily, which will be then reunified in view of the Italian finals at Vallelunga and Adria.
Thanks to this partition in macro-areas, it is possible to save costs and transfer times, so you can easily take part to Finals on two highly extraordinary tracks, which are worth of some kms more.
COMPETITIONS: each round will crown its champion who will become seed and will represent North, South and Sicily at Finals, where the National category winner will be chosen.
WHY TO CHOOSE: by alternating go-kart tracks with racetracks pilots must show a great flexibility to pass from a driving style made up of on and off and fast changes in direction to a more strategic one where detached trails count and where bravery in daring an extreme strategy is demanded!



4stroke engines are unconditioned protagonists of motorsport’s major world categories since many years.
Only scooters with wheels of 12” and 14” are admitted. They are equipped with some engines whose volume has been increased even up to 218 cc! The engine is completely realized by Malossi, and the cherry on top is the famous V4 Head, the first cylinder head which has been totally designed and built by our company.
? COMPETITIONS: six competitions on race tracks, each one composed of two manches and each transmitted in streaming live recording.
WHY TO CHOOSE: SuperScooter 4Stroke Cup is destined to strong and fast pilots who are in position to bring it to life like a real top class of National relevance. But there is also space for beginners or for who just wants to have fun. Finally we have to say that there is the totally UNIQUE chance in races’ sphere to allow two pilots racing with one scooter. Concise competition and skyrocketing amusement without complications: SuperScooter 4Stroke Cup is your ideal cup!


A great participation has characterized last editions of Replica, also thanks to its careful formula to award both who choices to race on scooter with 10” wheels and who prefers wheels with 12” diameters. In fact, for the latter, the SuperScooter Replica class has been established, with an abstract classification and ad hoc technical specifications.

? COMPETITIONS: 4 competitions at North, South and in Sicily. Competitions will be performed in your area with short and not heavy transfers. Tracks will be those of Trofei Malossi, selected among some of the best international racetracks.
? WHY TO CHOOSE: ScooterMatic Cup Replica is the biggest gym you can choose in order to start racing: agonism and pure entertainment without paying a capital. It is very easy to participate: your scooter is the only thing you need.


We wait for you next 13 March at Autodromo di Modena for Meeting&Test day, where you can start feeling in person the atmosphere each year our pilots breathe when participating at Trofei Malossi!