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On 10 April, after a long winter and Meeting& Test warming up motors of your scooter, finally Trofei Malossi 2016 season has started, with the first test of the round at Acireale, in Sicily.


Show on Santa Venera Track has been of very high sport level and the champion of the first competition of the season has been the International Malossi ScooterMatic A champion Francesco Bonomo, while Fabio Cascella has won ScooterMatic B. As regards ScooterMatic Replica, Salvatore Pantaleo has prevailed, together with Emanuele Peralta, but in 1 competition.

A charge of news for TMax Cup, SuperScooter 4Stroke and ScooterMatic

There have been many distinguishing news which have characterized 2016 season.
As regards TMax Cup, some changes in Open technical regulation have been introduced in order to add a lot of liveliness to the series.
SuperScooter 4 Stroke has shown itself as a lively and interesting category  already during Modena Meeting & Test last 13 March, with some international characters such as the Japanese Toshimasa and the Dutchman De Lijster.
But even ScooterMatic has brought a lot of news : it has been simplified by the mixture of categories in the three starting rounds (North, South and Sicily), it is even more competitive in this season.

Scooter Velocità National Cup : power of 100 cc motorcycles

The most important news undoubtedly regard Scooter Velocità National Cup. In fact, starting from this year, engine size has been brought to 100 cc, for the first time in history of scooters’ cups and thanks to new Malossi components such as the MHR C-One complete engine crankcase (for Yamaha motors).
Racers have welcomed very good this change. They have tested their vehicles in advance on the track of Modena Meeting & Test and this news is getting a recall for new drivers who could be on the grid next week end of 16 and 17 April at Varano dé Melegari, for the first category competition.

So, meeting with Trofei Malossi is arranged for the next week end at Varano de Melegari racetrack (PR) with the first test of Scooter Velocità National Cup, TMax Cup and 4Stroke, and for the first time with North round.

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And remember : NOW IT’S TIME TO RACE!