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The new Malossi e-shop is online: it is completely renewed, is quicker and easy to be browsed. Our developers have used newest IT technologies at best in order integrate its graphic layout, its usability and the user’s final experience.


Main features of the new Malossi Store are the following :
  • Graphic modernity ;
  • Friendly mobile layout which makes it completely responsive ;
  • Intuitiveness, thanks to the exemplified browsing ;
  • Speed, as uploading times are considerably decreased ;
  • Openness, with further integrated information on privacy, goods return notes, warranties, refunds.


We have directly asked to the Development team to tell us the most important news on MalossiStore. This team is composed of Egidio Rimoli, project management and information architecture; Fabio Ferrari, from Pop Up informatica, Db and back end Development; Gianluca Macaluso, front end Web Development.

Q.: Let’s start talking about the graphic appearance, of course the first news jumping out at us !
A.: The store’s design has been completely drawn again. We have chosen the so called “flat web design”, that is: simple white icons on a coloured desktop and a rectangular layout. In fact, this kind of approach makes the website clearer and more simple: we have cancelled all elements lacking of attention in order to leave space to clear and linear visual symbols in order to drive users and help them in reaching their aims. All our aesthetic choices lay the same key principle: to adapt and increase users’ experience and usability. For example, all browsing actions allowing the user to finish or to stop a certain purchase share the same look&feel.
In this way, the store is easier to navigate and more intuitive and the user’s experience is more fluid and obvious. In general, we have tried to fully optimize contents’ organization… and MalossiStore contains many of these.

Q.: How does the research for products work ?
A.: The homepage noticeably houses “new” products ( with images and link to the TDS ) and the “most wanted” products. Anyway, browsing can be filtered even according to products’ categories, trade-mark and model; the main menu, which contains the most looked models, allows user to browse quicker.
We have also increate the device of free research for products, now it is much simpler to look for a product by a free text: the research inside the store is made on all the contained information about the product, and no more just on its exact name. in this way, it is simpler to find a product fitted to own’s vehicle.

Q.: As regards the real purchasing method : is it also possible to make goods return and receive refunds directly online?
A.: On our new store, we provide (in a more clear way) for our users further information about privacy, warranties, goods return, refunds, etc. The company wants to make enjoy the purchasing experience: it is important both to send and to offer a service for which the user can be completely satisfied. Thus, we have exemplified both information about the purchase as regards chances and rights reserved to the European Consumers, and goods’ return and annulment methods.

Q.: How does purchases’ management work?
A.: A real fluid and exemplified users’ area has been designed. From this area, it is possible to manage own’s orders, goods’ returns and refunds; to check trackings and to organize a personal wishlist! Furthermore, the user can select which Newsletters he will prefer to receive through a dedicated area for messages’ management.
Thanks to the new service #BeTheFirst, it is possible to constantly be informed about all news regarding new components and accessories for own’s scooter.

Q.: Can purchases be made by a mobile device?
A.: This new store has been designed as mobile first : this means to minimise differences between pc, tablet and mobile device. As a consequence, purchase by mobile becomes more and more performing.

MalossiStore will be translated in all foreign languages of markets in which the company works. Moreover, it will increase with new features and new chances for the user : this is only the beginning of a new view of Malossi e-commerce.

So, don’t stop following us : many news have still to come!