New Yamaha/Minarelli RC-One: the final cranckcase

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What we do everyday in Malossi is to raise the quality bar. Thus, just a few months after the launch of Piaggio RC-One and of MHR Flanged Mount new cylinders – that have together raised the Malossi engine’s crankcase cubic capacity up to 94 cc – we have done the impossibile!

Now, we are ready to present you the new Yamaha/Minarelli RC-One: the final crankcase which unites the world of racing engines for scooters.


Infact, up today, our engine crankcase were conceived for all scooters firstly equipped with a Piaggio 50 cc 2 Times engine. But our technicians have made an exaggeration and have tested the new Yamaha/Minarelli Rc-One in order to bring together technical solutions and outside and inside sizes with all models of Malossi Rc-One.

New Rc-One is dedicated to all scooters firstly equipped with a liquid cooled Yamaha/Minarelli engine of 50 cc, but, above all, it uses the same transmissions both on Piaggio and Yamaha/Minarelli scooters.

Yamaha RC-One has been conceived to be totally Plug&Play. Infact, it does not require any modification to the shell and it can internally house the complete line of Malossi products destined to the RC-One range. In brief, it comes up as the revolutionary solution for the development of racing components for ALL scooters.

The new RC-One’s force is given by a range of new essential expedients introduced by our technicians :

  • The cylinder’s basement has been tilted of 10 degrees as regards the original axle shaft- original mechanism. In this way, the motor’s connections are placed before the power supply system and one of the biggest Achille’s heels has been removed as regards standard Yamaha/Minarelli oilsumps ( nevertheless, a modification to the underseat compartment is necessary) ;i
  • Yamaha RC-One’s basement has been conceived to house only Malossi cylinders, with flange fastening and outside connected to the MHR Ø52 Flanged Mount testa rossa. Advantages coming from this solution open the door to totally innovative projects of cylinders ;
  • The location which is destined to house the lamellar valve has been considerably changed in order to reach ideal quotas and sizes ;
  • The automatic mixer and the mechanical water pump have been removed to fully reduce dispersions and the native installation of an ignition by Malossi inside rotor has been predisposed ;
  • As regards the cycle level, RC-One for Yamaha is exclusively destined to scooters equipped with a posterior disc brake and does not involve the alternative use of brake shoes. The interaxle spacing is increased together with stability and accuracy in cornering lines, while compartment of mechanisms has been considerably reduced in dimensions, and gear wheels have been superimposed.
  • The interaxle’ and the inside diameters’ increase has necessitated the use of an ignition cover destined to Piaggio scooters.

New crankcase are provided with all the necessary components for the installation and – considering the considerable technical differences as regards the standard unit and in order to facilitate the assembly – we have decided to include in the package also the lamellar valve, the covers and a special trunnion to use the original posterior wheel and make RC-One perfectly interchangeable with Yamaha/Minarelli rings and hubs.

The new RC-One will be available from February 2016 on MalossiStore, provided with all technical information, assembly instructions and accessory spare parts.

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