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We are pleased to announce the new air filter RED FILTER E18, available now on Malossi Store!


With the introduction of the sport air filters E18, Malossi has widened its range of products with a new range of highly performing and resistant air filter.

The E18 filters are champions as for versatility: as a matter of fact, although they are specifically designed for four-stroke engines, they are incredibly efficient even if applied to two-stroke engines.

They are available in two different sizes (95 and 125), they may be adapted to any type of vehicle, owing to the oval tapered structure, able to facilitate their correct positioning and to the various types of connections available, snap-fit or threaded.

Implemented with cotton weaves, featuring long greased multilayer fibres, RED FILTERS E18 have a perfect structure to keep any impurity out of the engine. Externally and internally, the fibres are protected by an aluminium mesh, which acts as a flame break, assuring maximum safety and, at the same time, the perfect direct air flow.

Too often we neglect the simplest and in fullest sight components of our engine, whereas we could allow it to work better, to give better performances and to be more long-lived, with little operations.

Let’s consider for instance the feeding system, which supplies the “store” of air and petrol tightly releted to the engine performances.

The filter task has vital importance. In fact on the one hand it must prevent any impurity (which could causes serious damages in short time) to get into the engine; on the other hand it must give has to allow the best possible breathing, without stifling the engine.

These two tasks are one the opposite of the other, and only a first quality filter made of the best materials, can conciliate them.

This filter can be fitted on each scooter in a few minutes because it is equipped with special connections, which allow fitting it in the best possible position. Its pipes and surfaces have been expressly calculated to achieve the best possible performance for any model of scooter. It guarantees high performance constancy, too.

After having carried out the necessary and simple periodic cleaning operations, RED FILTER guarantees always perfect engine breathing making the engine itself more long-lived.

The benefits concerning the pollution must not be neglected: an engine which breaths better is an engine which pollutes and consumes less, too.

Find out all the new RED FILTERS E18 on the Malossi Store: