New MHR RC-One crankcase: dedicated to fans of the high-powered engines

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The wait is over! We are proud to show you the new RC-One, a crankcase dedicated to fans of the high-powered engine. It has been projected from the bottom up in Malossi headquarters of Calderara di Reno, and it has been conceived in order to satisfy all requirements of a modern racing high-performance motor scooter.

Thanks to RC-One and to new cylinders MHR Flanged Mount, the engine size rises to 94 cc and power fully exceeds 30 horsepowers, without any problem relative to boring or mechanical resistance of the engine block.

RC-One is conceived to work only with Malossi’s flange connector cylinders and inside it a chain-guard pump is inserted whose dimensions allow the installation of driveshafts for long strokes without any additional intervention.

As for the C-One crankcase, during EICMA 2013, the new RC-One is compatible with all motor scooters orginally equipped with a Piaggio 50 centimeters 2T motor.
MHR RC-One has been conceived and arranged to :

  • Receive both drum brakes and disc brakes.
  • Replace the original motor with both short and long wheelbases. Infact, the position of the damper’s joint has been created to satisfy both solutions.
  • Accept only the very new Malossi testarossa Ø 52 Flanged Mount cylinders with a flange fixing and with a pump chain-guard whose dimensions allow the installation of Malossi RHQ driveshaft race 44 piston rod 90, without any additional intervention.
  • Use the exclusive compartment for the ignition of the internal rotor Malossi MHR and MHR TEAM.
  • The use of the electrical cooling pump in order to cancel the powerful absorption of the trational water mechanic pump.
  • The use the removal of the automatic mixer
  • Receive the depression fuel pump.
  • Have the new big size lamellar valve which has been studied through the use of refined programs of fluid dynamics 3D.
  • Receive all of Malossi updated products.

The new RC-One is available from now on on malossistore, and all technical sheets, assembly instructions and complementary spare parts are there.

The most never seen before innovative racing component is not a dream : it’s a Malossi products!