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Range of Malossi products for Yamaha TMax 530 gets rich with three new products which will make your vehicle the most competitive one!

Three leading products of our company, which get rich our large range of products destined to suction of Japanese two-cylinder engine. From transmssion system to air filter, here are all news products available from now on MalossiStore!




Malossi technical staff has worked to further improve one of his must-have products, a point of reference for all T-Max enthusiasts: the legendary MHR Multivar for Yamaha T Max. The variator has been improved to renew the transmission system as well as to exploit its extraordinary technical features: so we have come out with Multivar MHR Next.

This new variator is the evolution of the previous generations, born from the very experience drawn from race tracks and from modern Cad-Cam technology; it allows to achieve the highest performance results.

As you can see from the gear curve, our technicians concentrated on further widening the gear range, especially the short gear, thus achieving more acceleration and pick-up as well as improving consistency in shifting.


CURVA100 Multivar MHR Next

CURVA100 Multivar MHR Next

We have even done better: the clearance between hub and bushing was further reduced and surface roughness minimized, in order to create a really incomparable variator!

Here the to discover the technical specifications of the new MULTIVAR 2000 MHR Next per Yamaha TMax ➠




Thus, the Over Range is renewed as well: new variation! This new system is based on Multivar MHR Next, which ? matched with the other parts – allows to achieve really unique performances!

The torque driver (movable pulley) has a larger diameter compared to the original one and the very latest specifications, allowing to have a greater velocity-ratio range compared to the original pulley.

Malossi engineers have also taken particular care in realising this pulley right down to the smallest detail, using special materials and a particular type of thermochemical treatment that ensures exceptional surface hardness and therefore excellent wear and abrasion resistance.

The fixed half-pulley completes the OVER RANGE: this component features a diamond finish of the belt-side pulley surface and a redesigned working angle to further increase the gearing range.

The whole completion of OVER RANGE system is given by the torsion controller.

Here the  link to discover the the technical specifications of the new Next Over Range per Yamaha TMax 530 ➠

RED FILTER E19: the beating heart of your T-Max



Original, extremely performing and simple to install, the new E19 Malossi air filter, dedicated to the Yamaha T-Max, changes the rules of the game.

E 19 is implemented externally in open-cell polyurethane and internally, it is reinforced with a metal mesh armour.

The suction horns are incorporated by means of a satin-finished aluminium support, fastened on the sleeves of the same horns. This particular structure allows a suction spacing of 180°, assuring the engine a remarkable fresh air supply.

The installation and the maintenance of E19 are a real breath of “fresh air”: the whole structure of this filter, as a matter of fact, is fastened with only two screws and it can be disassembled even when the fairing is assembled.

The filtering element becomes bright red, and the Malossi logo stands out in yellow colour and it leans on a compact polyurethane base structure, red as well, as if it were the beating heart of your T-Max.

Here the  link to discover the the technical specifications of the new air filter RED FILTER E19 per Yamaha TMax 530 ➠