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The International Raceway hosts the final Meeting&Test before the start of the season. All the protagonists get on track to prepare the Trofei Nazionali campaign. 

A full paddock characterized the Malossi Meeting&Test dedicated to the protagonists of the Trofeo Nazionale and TMax Cup, as well as the riders participating in the Northern league of Scootermatic Extreme, Regioni and Replica. An intense weekend, that allowed the teams to try different setups: the track was dry on Saturday while on Sunday the rain briefly came before being swept away by a tepid sun.

The mixed conditions yielded different tactical approaches, especially among the TMax Cup teams, which showcase many changes in the lineups. Filippo Pistola holds the best recorded time at the end of the tests in the Open class, while Franco Ferrara was fastest in the Stock class.

Among the protagonists of the Trofeo Nazionale Scooter Velocità, Alessandro Melone came to Adria in full swing to challenge the reigning champions, while Nikolas Marchi set the pace in the Regioni North. The Dutch riders Bart Klazen (on the two stroke) and Dennis De Lijster on the Typhoon4Stroke also made a strong impression. The four strokes, starting this year, will only be mounted on scooters with 12-inch rims in a new, dedicated SuperScooter 4Stroke category that will debut in Modena. In the Replica class, Giberti (ScooterMatic) and Cordioli (SuperScooter) respectively led the field. The Yamaha R125 also returned under the Trofei Malossi umbrella in full swing, with Lorenzo De Pera setting the fastest time.

On Sunday, which featured a slow start due to the wet track, most teams gathered important data for the upcoming season. After the award ceremony, the circuit dried up once again and the time sheets changed accordingly. However, the truth about each rider’s performance will only emerge in Modena on April 11 and 12, when the Trofeo Nazionale Scooter Velocità, the Trofeo 4Stroke, the TMaxCup and the North league of Extreme, Regioni and Replica will begin the season. Before then, the Sicilian league will start next weekend in Acireale on the Santa Venera track.