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Malossi Worldwide (#MalossiWW) is the social section Malossi devotes to the world: our history starts from Bologna, but just thanks to the quality of our “Made in Italy”,  our products have crossed National borders.


Therefore, we have decided taking a world tour in order to discover, thanks to our official resellers, trends and evolution of two wheel world even outside Italy : which are the most preferred vehicles? Are there races and cups devoted to scooters? In general, which perception and use are  there of two wheel vehicles in other Countries? In this way #MalossiWW section was born.

Today, let’s know Nikita, owner of MotodaRT, whose Headquarters are at St Petersburg in Russia, a Country where scooters have imposed themselves on market in few years and where tuning is becoming more and more established.

That’s what Nikita has told us.

How long are you being working in motors and scooters world? And How long are you being Malossi reseller?
Our company is committed in selling two wheel vehicles and spare parts for thirteen years. We clearly know Malossi brand since many time and three years ago we started working with it and having direct relationship with Malossi “Made in Italy” production.

How much motorcycles and scooters are popular in your Country? And which are trends?
In Russia, 50cc scooters coming from Japan and in general from Far East are very popular, China included. But during the last years Pit Bikes are becoming more and more established taking a remarkable popularity.

If we say you “ Malossi” what does come to mind to you?
When I hear the word “ Malossi”, automatically high quality components come to my mind to adapt scooters and two wheel vehicles : a wide experience in designing and producing spare parts..

What does Malossi brand represent in Russia?
We can easily say that scooters’ tuning in Russia started with Malossi brand : your company produced first parts of high quality and performance in our Country.

What’s your preferred vehicle ? (quad, maxi-scooter, 50cc, cross etc.) and why?
50cc and 70 cc vehicles in general, because they encourage movements – and so life- in big and extended cities which characterize our Country , making them more accessible.

Which are the best sold Malossi products in Russia?
All Malossi products are well sold in Russia : everything behind speed regulator’s cover!!;)

Are there in your Country any race and cup expressly dedicated to scooters?
For years, our company is committed in scooter races : we organize and follow a championship performing here at St Petersburg every year, everybody can take part to it!

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Foto by: Nikita, MotodaRT