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Our experience in two- and four-stroke world of scooters and motors has pushed us in developing a line of lubricants that could enhance technical features of our products and could satisfy all kinds of needs.

7.1 line , Malossi full range of lubricants, was born in this way.

What we are presenting you now is the line specifically developed for 4-stroke engines : racing and street scooters and motorcycles.

7.1 OIL 4T

7.1 OIL 4T



New synthetic lubricant, specific for the use in modern scooter and motorcycle 4 stroke engines with high performance. It offers an excellent thermal stability and stay-in-grade within a vast range of temperatures, with higher anti-rust and anti-wear features. Compatible with catalytic exhaust systems prolonging the life of the catalytic exhaust, higher gas mileage, and a reduction in emissions. A Multi-Grade oil that allows optimum engine performance and easier starts in every season.


Full Synthetic Ester 4-Stroke Engine Oil for competition scooter. The product offers excellent stay-in-grade performance over a wide temperature range with outstanding anticorrosion and anti-wear characteristics.
Superior stay-in-grade performance ensures full protection throughout the service life of the oil. Catalytic converter compatible, prolongs catalyst life thus maintaining environmentally acceptable emission tolerances. Low volatility reduces emissions, extends exhaust system life and ensures low oil consumption. Viscosity characteristics ensure fuel efficient operation and easy starting in both summer & winter conditions. Excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties reduce friction thus promoting performance retention and long engine life. 


Synthetic oil based lubricant for 4-stroke ENGINES of STREET BIKE. The grade required and recommended by all the manufacturers of street bikes. This formulation, based on synthetic oils, ensures maximum reliability in any environmental condition. Ensures an excellent level of protection against wear of lubricated components and superior engine cleanliness with extended life. Suitable for gearboxes and transmissions where the manufacturer suggests the use of SAE 10W-40 engine oil. Reduces fuel consumption and emissions, and provides maximum corrosion protectioneven in periods of intermittent use. Compatible with catalytic converters. This product can be used in wet clutch systems.


100% synthetic ester lubricant for high-performance 4-stroke ENGINES, mainly for motorcycle racing. The reduced internal friction, thanks to its low viscosity, allows the engine to unleash more power. The service life and protection of the lubricated components are ensured by the high stability of the lubricant film at all operating temperatures. The high cleaning power ensures superior engine cleaning, and maintains performance. Compatible with catalytic converters. Low volatility and reduced fuel consumption and emissions. This product can be used in wet clutch systems.

Formulations of 7.1 lubricants are alone and their brand is a real icon in the racing world. All the range is conceived to guarantee duration and performances, both for racing engines and for street ones, in all conditions of use.

Constantly changing, 7.1 line is the boost of your performances, the shield defending your mechanics, simply lifeblood for your engine.

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