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Our company is distinguished all around the world thanks to quality and reliability of its products, which are nowadays in stores of more than 50 Countries worldwide.


For this reason, we have created the section Malossi Worldwide (#MalossiWW): in fact, it is very important for us to give the right exposure to all our resellers who have decided to become Made in Italy quality messengers in every part of the world!


We have already brought you in South Korea to know Dongyo Motors; to Jakarta where Dennil Sagita has told us about his experience as CEO of Scooper V.I.P., official reseller in Indonesia. Then, we have been in Lebanon, where we have realized that Souhaib Balaa is also able to cook a very good Italian cappuccino, up to China to Mr Wang Dai Ji’s.

Today, we are bringing you to Tunisia to make you know an expert in selling and repairing motorcycles and scooters: Mr. Tarek Bhy, owner of Techno Cycle Sarl, with Headquarters in Tunisi.


Mr. Tarek established his first store on 5 May 1985 (31 years ago exactly!) and thanks to his more than thirty-year experience in world of scooters, can be defined defined a veteran in his area of interest without any doubt.

But here shown below what he himself has told us about his job and his passion!!


How long do you work in world of motors and scooters? And how long you are Malossi reseller?
I established my first store in Tunisi on 4 May 1985. Its name was Tarek Ciclo. I sold, but above all I repaired, scooters considering I am mainly a technician. Infact, I have always worked in this area: I worked with Dominic Raspanti for several years. He was right of Italian origins and he started producing motorcycles from the ‘50s. In this first store, I just sold spare parts for Peugeot 103 and MBK.
At a later time, in 1995, Vespa was being imported on the Tunisia market, while Peujeot pointed to the Chinese market.
In the 2000s, many young men started asking for some products for a little more agressive tuning. So, I started discovering Malossi’s wide range of products. I had already known them at Eicma exhibition of Milan (to which I take part since 1990!). In 2012 I sent my first little order and today I deal with Malossi brand, with retailed and special orders for some customers.

How much motorcycles and scooters are popular in your Country? And which are trends?
Here in Tunisia, both scooters and motorcycles are quite popular ; Peugeot and Motobecane (MBK) , but also Piaggio, are still used, then Yamaha and Suzuki for bigger engine size motorcycles.

If we say you “Malossi”, what does come up to your mind?
Malossi means for me: quality, high performances, complicity and good services with customers. Moreover, it’s the right brand that makes young people make saddle up and take off on one’s scooter without any doubt.

What does Malossi brand represent in Tunisia ?
Internet arrival has certainly been very important and has made Malossi brand know all around the world, and so even in Tunisia. Moreover, since 2012, that is when I started importing your products, in Tunisia when you say Malossi you say Tarek, considering I am the only official importer of your items in my Country.

What’s your preferred vehicle  (quad, maxiscooter, 50cc, cross ecc.) and why ?
I prefer 50 cc but also 70 cc scooters, because they are the most popular models in Tunisia, that is the most sold ones.

Which are Malossi best sold products in Tunisia?
Let’s say Malossi belts, bearings for driveshafts, Malossi variable speed drive and cylinders are the best sold products.

Are there in your Country races or cups specifically devoted to scooters?
Unfortunately, in Tunisia there are not official scooter cups : we have not suitable racetracks and, unfortunately, our actual situation does not allow us to build racetracks for this kind of competitions. Hope that we can work and bring quality and this kind of motor culture also here in Tunisia. motorcycle races.

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