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There have been twenty-eight editions of Malossi Cup and racers always run with their usual determination.

Malossi Cup is nowadays a reference in the world of scooter racing, including no less than seven unmissable races in just as many specialties and new categories such as the SuperScooter 4Stroke and the World Malossi Day Cup, which crowns the Malossi world champion.

What is the secret of this success? To keep the usual passion which has always marked Malossi, to reinvent oneself and to innovate as years pass, to introduce more and more exciting news such as the chance to follow in live recording streaming all races carried out in the racetrack on its YouTube channel and on Malossi Cup official website.

Malossi Cup is really getting going for the 2015 season: last 14 June competition was carried out on Racalmuto (Agrigento) circuit. It was about the fourth Sicilia Round test and the young Samuele Marino, coming from Marsala, won both the fourth test of ScooterMatic Regioni and the first one of Trinacria Cup.

Sicilia Round will finish in Favara next 13 September when ScooterMatic Replica and ScooterMatic Regioni as well as Trinacria Cup will be appointed.

The next dates for Malossi Cup will be 20 and 21 June when there will be the third test regarding the ScooterVelocità and the T-Max National Cup and the third test of the South Round, where the area title of ScooterMatic Extreme will be appointed.

On Malossi Facebook page gallery you will find a part of pictures relative to the race, while the complete gallery can be found on the Facebook page totally dedicated to Malossi Cup.

For details relative to categories, schedules and updates regarding the world of Malossi Cup please visit the official website

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