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The echo of EICMA has just stopped: it was a record edition for the Malossi!
There was lots of news and activities we presented at our stand during the international motorcycle show that took place in Milan from November 5th to 10th.

Among the innovations that have aroused the greatest interest there was the Ø52 MHR Flanged Mount Testa Rossa cylinder kit:

The Testa Rossa Flanged Mount is the most powerful cylinder kit ever to be produced by Malossi.

High capacity, flanged design, only for liquid-cooled scooters. It is equipped with 7 ports and an exhaust crossbar, a piston with 1 segment and a modular head.

The installation of a Testa Rossa Flanged Mount cylinder kit, designed specifically for top-level racing, requires the installation of the Malossi C-One crankcase for the 70cc version, the Malossi RC-One crankcase for the 94cc version and a connecting rod different from the original.

Testa Rossa Flanged Mount: now it’s time to race!

Do you know it’s the most powerful cylinder kit in the 70/94 scooter category?!?
You can also find it on our e-store

In our EICMA stand you can admire the new MHR team II inner rotor ignition for a scooter.
The inner rotor ignition systems designed by Malossi are based on the state-of-the-art technology applied to racing.
We made the control unit even more immune to interferences developing an uP STM8 – 8-bit microprocessor with processing speed of 20MIPS, guaranteeing spark timing with greater accuracy than prior versions!

The MHR Team II includes a not adjustable with 3 trimmers control unit with variable spark advance timing:
– the first trimmer (MAPS) is for selecting the spark advance timing map
– the second trimmer (OFFSET) allows you to shift the selected map
– the third trimmer (LIM) used especially for 4-stroke engines, permits you to vary the rev limit between 11.500 RPM to 14.300 RPM and also allows you to disable the rev limiter
We made the control unit even more immune to interferences developing a uP STM8 – 8 bit microprocessor with a processing speed of 20MIPS, guaranteeing spark timing with greater accuracy than prior versions!

It also features 8 preset maps described as follows:
– 1 variable spark advance maps for 4 stroke engines
– 6 variable spark advance maps for 2 stroke engines
– 1 fixed spark advance map

The electrical performance has been improved by 20% with a minimum start-up speed reduced from 450 rpm to 370 rpm. The effects of this latest evolution translate into increased voltage supplied to the spark plug, at the same speed, which is anything but negligible compared to the previous model.

Here you can buy our ignition system and verify your scooter compatibility:

for Piaggio H2O

for air Piaggio

for Yamaha – Minarelli

for moto 50cc

for DDR DRX 90

Not even Vespa fans were disappointed!

The design, the study, the research and the production of these crankcases are the ways in which Malossi aims to pay homage to the fans of Vespa PX 125.
The two models, V-ONE and VR-ONE will be soon available on our Malossi stores.

The two models allow mechanics, restorers and all owners of a Vespa PX 125 to choose the modification route that best suits their needs:

The amateur, the restorer, the traveler are all looking for a component that is able to perfectly replace the original one, which does not require any modification to the vehicle and which offers maximum choice in terms of components. The V-One SPORT crankcase will be compatible both with traditional components and with the Malossi ones.

The mechanic in search of maximum performance, of the best internal fluid dynamics and of the highest possibility of engine development will be able to purchase the VR-One MHR crankcase.


Are you a Honda X ADV proud owner? We presented a novelty for you too! The MAXI WILD LION exhaust system is approved for original and Malossi collectors!

Silent and further enhanced, it is unsurpassed for elegance and lightness.

It has been designed with a soundproofing system with mineral fibers addition, with high soundproofing power and complete with DB killer!

Another Malossi masterpiece !!!

“We should have the courage to dare”: so today our founder Mr. Ugo Malossi, hailed the birth of Miscela, the first Malossi magazine!

A set of things designed first and foremost, to remind us to be free. Free and not standardized, unique and different. Miscela is a survival kit, tools, tips to comfort your fear of growing, changing, evolving. Of being who you are.
Miscela: shake well before use!

The magazine launch was celebrated with an exclusive party that took place inside the Malossi cafe corner, in the presence of the famous bartender Mattia Pastori, who created the new Miscela cocktail based on Prosecco, Martini Fiero, olive oil and saffron soda.


After all this news you think we should take a break? Absolutely not, Malossi never stops!

There is much other news that you will hear about shortly!

Stay tuned!