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Las time, we left Henry at Gianni De Luca racetrack, close to Benevento, where he attended to the first South race of Trofei Malossi on 24 April. There he also met athletes committed in races and did not let the chance escape to go for a ride in that race on Lello, his Ciao motor-scooter going along with him around Italy.


After having arrived to Etna peak in Sicily and having travelled all around Italy, from North to South, in less than one month, Henry has got on the way back: he has gone back Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia, Abruzzo, Marche up to reach Emilia Romagna. Once arrived there, we could not do without inviting him in Malossi!

Thus, last 17 May everybody of us were ready to welcome him in Calderara di Reno offices. You know…with Henry it’s always an adventure. in fact, his Ciao motor-scooter got a flat just few kilometers far from our company and his tire sealant bomb was not enough: faced with adventure, either Malossi doesn’t backs down, so our technical responsible person rescued Henry on our Malossi van.


Il nostro tecnico recupera Henry

Il nostro tecnico recupera Henry/Our technical responsible person rescued Henry

Once arrived to the garage, Henry had the chance to repair the pierced tire supported by our technical staff and his Ciao was also subjected to a complete check. So here was this vehicle on our test bench for torque curve and power!


Between a repair and a check, presence of Henry was made known in company. So, the race was on for selfie by technical staff! Malossi supports Henry in this travel not only as technical sponsor, making available all components for his vehicle, but also following him step by step in his adventure through social networks!

After a tour group to the technical department, where Henry had been shown in detail production plants, group photo with all the staff, and signatures on his helmet, were imperative.

Valentino Rossi firma il casco di Henry

Valentino Rossi firma il casco di Henry/Valentino Rossi signs Henry’s helmet.

During this part of tour, all persons Henry met on his way signed his helmet. In this way, they transformed it in the greatest travel “heirloom” Henry could ever have. But there is one signature that stands out : passing by Tavullia, Henry had the fortune to meet Valentino Rossi!


After ritualistic goodbyes to the technical department, Henry went to commercial and administrative departments: other smiles, other photos and finally meeting with all Malossi family!


Henry is closer and closer to home in Valle d’Aosta, and he already has some new great travel designs for future.

We of Malossi are also ready to show you new adventures from all around the world: in fact, Henry’s travels have just been the first of a range of experiences branded MalossiGAS (Great Adventure Series), a sponsorship program through which our company wants to award a travel or enterprise design on two/three wheels  each year, embodying Malossi values such as seriousness, spirit of self-sacrifice and originality.

So, go on following our social pages as you will hear about #MalossiGAS again very soon!

Stay Tuned!