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We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Riza Necef, Malossi dealer for Turkey. This has been as interesting encounter, with a kind, enthusiast and very competent man.

Welcome in Malossi, Mr. Necef, tell us how it was this first year as Malossi dealer for Turkey!

It was an honour to be a dealer for a well known firm all around the world. We always felt like team members and as part of a big family!

You have worked in the past for many other motorcycle brands: how did the collaboration with Malossi start?

As a motorcycle user, I always used Malossi parts for my motors, so it was a sort of lifestyle to me! I had a chance to talk to Malossi management many times: it was my happiest moment when they asked me to be their dealer for Turkey!

You are a member of the Turkish Motorcycle Association. Tell us about the relationship between Turks and mopeds. Is it a common passion?

Moto and scooters are very very common in Turkey: consider that 93% of motorcycle users prefer scooters… it’s a huge and groving market!

Your passion for motorcycles comes from afar: are you also a driver?

I’ve been a motorcycle driver sicnce 1996, so motors are my everyday passion. I could not live without them!

What are the most requested Malossi components in the Turkish market?

I think they are V belts, clutch & clutch bell, and multivar.

Have you ever participated as a spectator in a Malossi trophy competition? Are they popular in Turkey?

I’ve never seen a Trofei Malossi race live, but I really would like to partecipate sooner or later! Most of motorcycle user, in Turkey, well know this competition!!

What impressed you most when visiting our factory?

It has been a very interesting visit!! I was impressed by your high technology factory, with low workforce, and by the smiling faces all around!!

What advice would you give us to improve?

You are putting me in a tough spot with this question… because I can’t find anything to suggest you… everything seems perfect to me!


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