Interview to Aleks Ugrin: that’s how I won the Slovenian Scooter Cup 2015

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Aleks Ugrin is twenty-two years old but has very defined ideas already. He runs fast and does not keep any international event from walking out in order to show this. Not long ago he won the prime position of the Open 70 category of the Slovenian Scooter Cup 2015 ( SSC), the most reputable scooter competition in his Country, driving a Piaggio Zip sp, completely equipped with Malossi elements and in collaboration with Malossi technicians.

The championship foresaw five competitions each one composed of two rounds : Aleks has won five rounds and in all competitions ( ten rounds in total) he has always stepped to the podium!!

He has been helped in reaching this big result by Marino Stock’s MASS Scooter Racing Team, that has skilfully put in place the vehicle.

Below are the elements used for assembling Aleks’ scooter:


During the season 2015, Aleks has also participated in Italy to two stages of Trofei Malossi ( Pomposa and Cervesina, standing out particularly in Pomposa competition) as well as to Adria’s great final races of 2-3-4 of last October in combination with Malossi Day 2015, where we have had the chance to meet and interview him for you.

Hello Aleks, you have just recently become Slovenian National champion , winning the Slovenian Scooter Cup 2015. Can you tell us how did it go down?
Hi! Running for the Slovenian Cup has been very interesting for me : several racers on scooters with elements coming from other firms have competed, but we have worked hard, and thanks to Malossi’ support we have been fully rewarded !

How did you approach to scooter competitions and what should you advice to noobs undertaking this way?
I have always had a great passion for scooters, so as first thing I bought a road scooter: but it was never good as it standed and for this reason I started processing it. I got nice and slow inside the world of competitions and now I am fully in. As per young boys who want to start racing, I can say that the ScooterMatic Replica category of Malossi Cup is good to start: great emotions at more than reasonable costs.

If I say you Malossi, what comes up to you?
I have no doubt : Speed! and of course Made in Italy quality also !

Who would you like to find one day on the starting grid?
Of course Marc Marquez, my hero!!

Which are your schemes for the future?
When I race on a grid I have a lot of fun, so I hope this could last forever. One day, I would like to clearly race in higher cylinder capacity categories.

Thank you Aleks, and have a good luck!!

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