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From Beijing to Calderara di Reno with Vespa

On Thursday, October 26th, the company’s routine was interrupted by an unusual and highly appreciated visit: the arrival of Yujin, a travel blogger from China, who traveled from Beijing to Malossi factory.

What was your itinerary?

My travel started from China – precisely from Beijing and I came to Italy, in Bologna at Malossi headquarters.

When your passion for Piaggio Vespa was born?

My passion for Vespa is recent: it started a year and a half ago when I bought it, actually.

Can you tell us the hardest moment of your trip?

I had difficult time in the russian steppe where I couldn’t find people or villages for days. I had to ride more than 500 km a day to cross it in a month. The only memory I keep of those places is a sense of immense solitude.

Can you tell us something funny that happened to you?

In Norway, I stayed in a small guesthouse that also hosted a young couple of germans which became my friends. The wife, conversing, told me that her father had worked in China and that she spoke three languages, Chinese included. I have repeatedly tried to talk to her in my mother tongue but in the end I found out that she only knew the word ni hao (which means hi).

What is the city or country that fascinated or attracted you the most?

Norway, no doubt: the landscape, the sea, people fascinated me so much!

What Malossi components did you assemble on your Vespa?

My collaboration with Malossi is very recent, and it was organized when my departure from Beijing was imminent. So that, for this first part of my trip, I didn’t mount any Malossi component. When I arrived in Italy, Malossi engineers took care of my vehicle, which began to be affected by the long journey, and added the following components:

X K belt

calibrated rollers

brake pads MHR synt

racing oil full synt

What’s the purpose of your trip?

The purpose of my trip is to visit new places and riding Vespa, seeing and writing on my blog of far-off landscapes that I have always imagined, knowing people and cultures different from mine. I am 27 years old and I want to satisfy this immense curiosity I have regarding different cultures and the desire for freedom that distinguishes me!

Where are you going now?

I still don’t know where I will ride: I will spend some time in Italy for now, waiting to decide whether to continue to Africa or to go back to Germany.

I want to thank all the Malossi staff before leaving: they welcomed and helped me so much that I felt a member of their family!