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Three guys from Bologna travelled 3500 km in 14 days riding their Piaggio Ciao mopeds, until reaching the Red Square in Moscow. 


We were glad to participate somehow in this adventure. The three guys from Galliera who undertook this journey on their Ciao mopeds came back last August 23rd in the spotlight of the local and national press.

Fabrizio, Stefano and Manuele, sponsored and supported also by Malossi, reached their goal with the Ciao mopeds which were “tuned” under our technical supervision.

They left from Galliera last August 2nd and their first stopover was Bologna train station, in order to commemorate the victims of the 1980 attack. Then they rode across Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia before entering the Russian territory.

A campervan was following them, equipped with all provisions and above all with the necessary spare parts for their mopeds.

This adventure was commented by a number of newspapers, of which we report the most significant ones, online magazines and by the radio programme “Lateral in the world” on Capital Radio, of which you can download the podcast by clicking here.

Please find here below the list of Malossi products installed by our technicians on the three Piaggio Ciao:


  • Cast-iron cylinder kit Ø 43 art. 31 5117
  • Carburettor kit SHA 13  art. 1610866
  • Exhaust system TOO BAD art. 3214894
  • X SPECIAL belt for pulley Ø 80 (10x8x940 mm 36°) art. 61 7226
  • Driven Pulley Ø 80 art. 61 7280B

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Our “heroes” will be present as special guests at the 2014 Malossi Day in Adria on October 3rd-4th-5th. You cannot miss this event!

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