Every product marketed by Malossi is conceived, designed and manufactured at our factories to meet the expectations of the most demanding motorcyclists who want to customise their bike technically.
The high technological level of production, stringent testing and certified quality control ensure that defects are kept to a minimum.
If our products do show defects in operation despite having been:
assembled following the installation instructions exactly
subjected to a correct running-in on a vehicle in good condition
not associated with any products other than the originals or Malossi products
then look up our website www.malossistore.com where you will find the correct technical information on your vehicle. If that is not sufficient, you can explain the problem in detail, together with your mechanic, by filling out the form in the “contacts” section of our website.
If after a couple of discussions it proves necessary to send the product causing the problem to our headquarters, so that it can be subjected to a technical inspection, the procedure will be as follows.
The authorised Malossi sales outlet where the product was purchased will have it shipped, along with all the necessary data, including the receipt, thereby allowing our quality control department to assess any defectiveness and to trace the production batch to which the product in question belonged.
If the warranty is valid, we will replace only the faulty part which will be retained by us.
If, however, the warranty is not valid, the product in question will be sent back to our sales outlet in carriage forward, or via the same shipping method used by Malossi when the warranty is valid.
We do not accept returns of goods not purchased from our sales outlets.
The warranty is invalid for products that have been tampered with.
Warranty obligations are fully satisfied by replacement of those parts we deem defective due to machining or other errors and does not cover damage to the vehicle, property or persons.
We disclaim all responsibility for improper use of our products.
All our products are intended for sporting purposes, having been designed for the various International Trophies, for private use and for hire.
Like all products intended for competitions, Malossi products must be considered differently from those intended for road use and cannot comply with the laws and highway codes of the different nations in which they are sold.
Malossi products belonging to the MHR competition line are highly select products, constructed using the finest materials, and are designed for the toughest competitions.
They are therefore exempt from any form of warranty except in the rare instance of a component which has not been subject to testing and which had a real manufacturing defect at source rather than breakage due to fatigue or seizure.