Why don’t we know the new Malossi GAS protagonist a little bit better?

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Welcome to Malossi Alexander! Can you please introduce yourself? We would like to know something more about the new malossi GAS protagonist!

Hello everybody, I’m Alexander Fedahunsi. I actually live in Malta. I work in i-gaming. I love travelling, dealing with engines and marketing! I’m 29 years old and I’m about to change my job and move to London. That’s why I organized this trip from Malta to London!

Is the Malossi GAS your first Vespa trip?

Yes it is! And it’s a great adventure!

Can you tell us your itinerary?

La Valletta – Sicily

Sicily – Livorno – Bologna (Malossi factory)

Genova – Monte Carlo – Grenoble – Dijon – Calais

Folkestone – London

Was the travel organization simple?

Actually, it took a lot of time: agree the setup, check attitudes, estimate driving hours, check gas stations, pack my luggage efficiently…


Are you travelling alone?

Yes, one person and a luggage is already a challenge with a 50cc Vespa! Mybe, nex time, with a bigger engine, I will organize a trip with my girlfriend!


Did something fun happen to you up to now?

First of all, I had awesome food and looked at amazing views…

Actually… something fun happened in Palermo: I was pulled over by Carabinieri who didn’t believe I was going to London with my Vespa… it was hard for me to convince them!


What is, in your opinion, the best place you visited up to now?

I think it’s Palermo and its surroundings! Since I am in Malta, I really miss living close to nature!


When did you get to know Malossi for the first time?

I discovered Malossi when I was a teenager: tuning scooter was very common among my friends!

What advice would you give to next Malossi GAS applicants?

Do a crazy trip! (and make a detailed plan…)


What’s your opinion about Malossi components?

They are very durable: it’s clear that they are built to resist. My Vespa is really different with the new setup! I can see a huge difference in performance, speed and drivability.

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